Risk Aversion brings Change.

The festival has changed in many ways since its inception in the 1970s. The gradual increase in health and safety concerns has matched a change in social values since those more carefree days. The 40th anninvarsary provides an opportunity to reflect upon the impact of risk management priorities on events like the Warrandyte Festival. They have become more expensive to insure for one thing. Fifteen afterwards the wheelie bin race(2001) is too risk laden to hold these days. See how much fun it was back then:

Mention the prospect of revising this kind of activity and the keepers of the safety brief recoil in horror. Imagine the financial consequences if a contestant broke a leg or worse? This no doubt explains why the Warrandyte Festival is one of the few 100% volunteer managed festivals in the state, and why the more 'out there' activities of the past have one by one fallen off the program.

It is an opportunity to reflect on the homogeneous entertainment formats that have narrowed shared experiences to a shadow of what homo sapiens once accepted as normal day to day activity. A risk free world breeds many things, but not adventurous individuals or resilient communities.

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